The Team

Soneva Resorts in the Maldives have three marine biologists working to monitor and protect the ocean world that they love. These ladies have a strong interest in global marine issues and are focusing their passions here in the Maldives.

  • Federica Siena has been island living on Soneva Fushi for 6 years and has extensive knowledge of the local ecosystems. She is working to change perceptions and policies both within the resort and the Maldives to protect our marine ecosystems.
  • Ellie Butler has been living at Soneva Jani since May 2017. With a background in tropical biodiversity, specializing in coral stress, she is striving to increase awareness of both hosts and guests, to tackle the issues that our marine life has to face. She is focusing on education, coral restoration, turtle nest monitoring and tackling ocean pollution in the largely unexplored Noonu atoll!
  • Dayanne Raffoul has had a passion for marine life ever since her childhood, and has been involved in marine science studies for six years. She has taken part in shark and reef fish reproduction studies, some of which have required her to live in challenging environments. During her time with Soneva Fushi she will be working with coral restoration and education.

We are using the photos we take on surveys and guest experiences to show you the fun and beautiful side of science. Come and see that our world is full of creatures worth saving. It’s often the little things that make our day more special!

Let’s dive in…



In the hope that this blog will remain active for a very long time, we will like to mention all the people that have contributed to make it beautiful, interesting and why not, funny at times. So here is something about those of us that may have wrote here and may belong to another team or may not be working anymore for Soneva.

We all make this special, thanks for every contribution!

  • Catherine Logan has started this blog project and worked both at Soneva Fushi as Assistant Marine Biologist, to then move to Soneva Jani as Resident Marine Biologist. Most of the funny, witty blogs are hers… Guess which ones! She is now exploring other oceans. Good luck, Cat!
  • Konrad Madej helped us setting up and looking after a coral nursery at Soneva Fushi. Konrad is expert on many subjects, but probably sharks (and especially Whale Sharks) are his favourite topic. Thanks Konrad!
  • Maura Schonwald has been working with marine life for 7 years on a range of topics in a few areas of the world.  She has enjoyed living and working on this beautiful island of Soneva Fushi since March 2017.  While working with us she has dedicated her time to projects such as coral restoration, reef surveys, and raising awareness on environmental issues.