My Favorite Fish

Whenever you will hear me saying ‘this is my favorite fish’, please don’t believe me. With regards to having a favourite fish, I lack any sort of credibility. Guests and colleagues make fun of me as they may hear it 4-5 times during a snorkelling tour and, if they have spent enough time with me, they have probably heard it dozens of times.

The real point is: how can you choose?!

So, here is my FIRST favorite fish, the Orange-Spotted Blenny (Blenniella chrysopilos). You will be able to spot it on coral rocks around the reef living within small holes from which only its head sticks out. It reaches 12 cm in length but you’ll hardly ever see its full body. It feeds on algae and therefore nibbles in its garden all around its house.

This lovely blenny is one of the many reasons why we should never touch rocks. And here is my small suggestion for you all, whenever snorkelling move very slowly in the water and perhaps spend a little time floating still in search of little creatures hiding here and there… You may find your first favorite fish too!


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