Lights, Camera, Sustainability

Wild Asia interview.JPG

As part of the environmental team based in house it is always nice to take a break from our laptops and sit outside for a while. This week we have been visited by a team from Wild Asia who managed to make us look windswept instead of disheveled.

Wild Asia believes that by understanding the social and environmental issues facing our world we can produce sustainable developments. They work with a number of sectors to inform and inspire organisations to improve their social and environmental practices to meet and exceed global standards.

At Soneva Fushi we have a diverse and engaged team who are always looking for new ways to understand and protect our beautiful island home and the marine life surrounding it. We welcome collaborations with like minded people who can teach us new concepts or help us view the island from a new perspective. We fully believe that tourism should be sustainable so our Slow Lifers can come back year after year. Soneva Fushi is one of the leading sustainable resorts not just in the Maldives but globally.

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