Manta Season Counts


I promised you more Manta posts and here is our second one. We will be keeping a running total of all our manta encounters, matches and happy guests for the season and updating you each month during Manta season. We have been spending a lot of time with the reef mantas (Manta alfredi) as they come into Hanifaru Bay to feed on the plankton trapped here. This is the perfect time for you to join us and have a close encounter with these graceful giants. As long as we all follow the briefing (like our star shaped guests above) our trips can be sustainable.

So here is our first month rundown:

Manta trips made: 14

Successful sightings of Mantas: 11

Number of Mantas encountered: 186

Number of Mantas identified from spot patterns: 29

Number of NEW mantas: 4

Number of happy guests: 77

Number of delighted guides: 2


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